Friday, February 26, 2010

How to protect our data with SaveIt!

I wondering how to protect my personal data on my laptop. An aplication which can protect my data with a password. And i'm looking for a 'free' application also. Yes, 'free' is always my top priority on my list.. lol
And i found 'Savelt'. SaveIt is free software that you can use to protect data and applications by adding a password to the data or application. So, when you open a data file or the application will display a dialog box to enter a password.


How to use 'SaveIt' is simple like this:

1. Run the software SaveIt!
2. Click the Browse button located under the File Name edit box.
3. If you want to give a password on the file type applications then the option "Files of type" select Application. If you want to give a password on the document type then select "to a program linked to documents".
4. Then click the Next button.
5. Fill in your desired password in the Password field and Repetition.

6. Click the Next button.
7. Will appear the windows progress bar that marks the activation process password.

If you do step correctly, then when you open documents or run applications that have been protected will display a dialog box to fill in the password as shown below:

Click the Start button to open documents or run applications.

If you want to disable the protection on that file then click the Setup tab and click the Remove button protection.

Download: saveit21.exe

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